Shanghai Bailin International Transportation Co Ltd is an A-class freight forwarding company registered with Ministry of Commerce and SICAB in Shanghai.ShangHai BaiLin International Transportation co.,ltd
  Our main business is international freight forwarding, with focus on tank container logistics. Our service scope is: booking, customs clearance, inspection, trucking, DG storage, distribution of import and export DG cargo; tank container leasing, transportation, warehousing, cleaning, inspection, dg declaration, port handling etc.
  We have 100 tank containers of our own which we offer leasing service.We have been cooperating with Japanese chemical companies as well as local chemical plants since 1996, which gained us professional knowledge and expertise on the handling of tank containers. We will offer safe, just-in-time, competitive tank container logistics service with custom-made solutions.We offer door to door service through tank containers.
  With its center in Shanghai, our service network covers Pearl River Delta, Bohai Gulf, Sichuan, Yuanan, Guizhou and the Northeast provinces.Our export service mainly focuses on Japan, Korea and Taiwan´
  After more than 10 years experience, we have established a professional chemical logistics team and a complete quality assurance system.Our staffs are trained by Maritime Safety Administration and Port Authority on the handling of dangerous goods.We have also established long-term relationship with DG carriers and truckers like Zhonghai Huapu.We have become a professional dangerous goods 3rd party logistics company.
  Our company value is: to achieve the best result with the least cost through communication, mutual understanding, close cooperation and utilizing each others core competence with customers and vendors.

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